What artist am I?

Hello my name is Rémi I am better known as nairor. Although the one if my last name is upside down is not original. I admit it, but we’re not here to talk about it if you’re reading this you have to ask who I am and well that’s what you’re offered to find out.

We’re going to go behind the scenes of my universe are you ready?

Start by welcoming yourself properly. Feel the smell of paint brighten your senses. Let’s discuss my works together and give me your preferences or the works you want me to create I would be happy to talk about.

For the record I was born in 1997 in Creil. I am a creative in the soul I love to draw and paint it allows me to find myself in a world id

my artistic approach

My artistic approach is based on the elements of nature. What impresses me is that nature has an enormous source of inspiration and idea. All in perfect balance with man . But not only does it represent a feeling of travel that I propose to you through 4 themes that are the

  • The sea
  • Nature
  • the animals
  • The spaceThis inspiration comes to me through its different elements during my daily walks or my different journeys.


Watercolour is the technique I prefer to use. I have been using it for more than 5 years. On this technique that I acquired, you will find paintings on the theme of landscap


Black and white is the oldest technique of realization that
exists and combines different techniques such as pencil
Charcoal I let you discover them.